Links for Students

Internet Links for Students:

Educational videos and photos
Videos and photos searchable by subject, topic and age level.


IXL Math and Language Arts Practice Questions When you miss one of these practice problems, this site tells you how to improve!


McGuffey Elementary School Library Catalog
Our school library CATalog. Search materials that can be checked out of the school library. How to find a book in the school library This is a PDF file, so you must have Adobe Reader to see it.


Big Huge Labs
Click on picture above to make fun stuff with your digital photos -- like I.D. badges, posters, and jigsaw puzzles. Register to save your work.


Hooda Math
Math games and activities. Choose the level, subject, or category.


PBS Kids!
PBS KIDS! Videos, Songs, Games and Printables from your kids' favorite educational shows.


Bird and Moon
"Bird and Moon" Science and nature comics and charts

  • Preschool