Vision Statement and FAQ

Vision Statement

Our Vision:

Mission Statement:

Throughout the use of evidence based instructional practices, strong relationships, and continued learning the members of the William Holmes McGuffey family will grow, support, and push the boundaries of success. 


Vision Statement:

William Holmes McGuffey Elementary School will be the beacon of Youngstown City Schools for learning and leading while empowering staff, scholars, families, and the community to achieve our life goals.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Question:  What supplies do students need?
Answer:  None.  The district has provided each student with the supplies and a book bag with everything that they will need.

Question:  Is there a uniform or dress code?
Answer:  Yes, there are guidelines for students to adhere to for dress, but no uniforms.

Question:  How much does a school lunch cost?
Answer:  We offer each child a free lunch and breakfast daily.  No proof of “need” or “application” is necessary.  The monthly menu is available at the district website

Question:  How do I register?
Answer:  Parents or legal guardians register students at the school office, located near our main entry door. 

Question:  Do students still say "The Pledge of Allegiance"? 
Answer:  Yes, we start the morning off with the pledge and the mission statement of our school. 

Question:  I designate adults allowed to pick up my child from school? 
Answer:  Yes.  Please make sure you have added anyone that you designate your child to be picked up by to the emergency form in the office.
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